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Focused on New and Future Trends

Over 15 years of experience in conference organising

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Focused on New and Future Trends

Allan Lloyds is the world’s leading provider of high-quality conferences as perfect opportunities to share forward-looking ideas and business knowledge. This helps organisations of all sizes to optimise their people and processes, leading to outstanding professional development and superior business results. With a growing client base made up of international organisations and Fortune 500 companies, all leaders within key market sectors, we offer exclusive audience full of experts in the field.


Allan Lloyds provides conference format rich in networking and knowledge-sharing within executive-level experts from pharmaceutical, banking, telecom, retail, oil&gas, chemical and technology industries. These interactive meetings give participants an excellent opportunity to learn useful insights regarding the current business issues and to gather inspiring ideas from their industry peers.

Our people

As a knowledge-based business, our success is built on the unique capabilities of our people. Many are leaders in their disciplines and work together to produce ground-breaking achievements for our clients.

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